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Fitness in the New Year – Do as I Do

FitDaily Health & Fitness Blog Entry

Fitness in the New Year – Do as I Do
By: Jeff    on 1/4/2009
As the New Year sweeps over us many people turn to the advice of fitness celebrities to help shape their health and fitness goals for the coming year. Unfortunately many of these "Do as I say, not as I do" personalities create programs filled with unsustainable advice that can ruin even the best of intentions.

It all sounds good, but in the end no one actually follows through. The simple truth is that fad diets don't work. In fact the only thing proven to work over the long term is a moderate, balanced lifestyle. Many fitness programs preach unattainable ideals that are not appropriate for the average person with a busy lifestyle.

By itself, learning a new exercise is not going to make you a healthier person. Eating some powdered super-food is not going to make you an elite athlete. We've yet to discover a way to bottle weight loss or to change your genes so your jeans fit better.

This is why I've always worked to make my programs and advice reasonable and realistic. As a fitness coach I want you to do as I do… that is to understand the basics of exercise and nutrition, and to apply those to your life in a manner that allows you to enjoy yourself without a high risk to your health.

Remember this year that strict prohibitions cause cravings that result in cheating or abandonment of diet plans. Instead practice moderation and rely on moderate advice to begin with. Your primary objective is to stay motivated.

I suggest you try my Audio Coaching available as a FitDaily Premium Member. It will guide you around common fitness, nutrition, and weight loss obstacles and roadblocks, allowing you to discover the true reasons why your fitness plans keep failing.

If you stay moderate and keep motivated you'll have a much happier and healthier year.

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