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Dick's Sporting Goods Fitness Gear 360 Core Suspension Trainer

QUADRANTS Quadrant 1: Comprised of basic bodyweight movements that incorporate horizontal pushing and pulling movements for the upper body; a lower body exercise that works the lower body one leg at a time to improve both strength and balance; and a core exercise that hits not only the upper and lower abdominals, but the lats, serratus, intercostals and obliques; all in one movement. Traditional body weight movements include: pushups, pull-ups, dips, rows, split squats and knee raises. Quadrant 2: Consists of many moves that are in Quadrant 1, but taken to the next level by utilizing rings which force the user to truly stabilize the working joints as well as the entire core to when performed correctly. Suspension ring exercises include: pushups, pull-ups, dips, inverted rows, 1 legged squats, pikes and leg curls. Quadrant 3: The movements are referred to as lifts. Exercises help improve lifts; lifts are way to measure overall strength or conditioning. Practicing these basic fundamental lifts will take your overall power and strength to new highs. A true baseline of strength, stability and coordination should have been established by practicing the quadrant one and two exercises to prepare you to take on any of the lifts listed below. Foundational barbell lifts include: bench press, incline press, military press, bent-over rows, squats and deadlifts Quadrant 4: Focuses on conditioning the respiratory system, but really dials in the strength of your core while performing movements that will not leave any of the body's muscular system feeling left out. Core conditioning training includes: heavy bag work, bag squats, cleans to shoulder, burpee/thruster combo, zercher Squats and lunges Key Specs Extends to a maximum height of 96 in and a lowest height of 69 in Extends to a maximum width of 58 1/2 in and is 49 1/2 in deep Weight of product: 106 lbs Recommended space for performing all exercises (width by height): 84 in high x 96 in wide x 72 in deep Adjustable frame: can adjust in height and width to fit user by exercise. Straps also adjust to perform exercises listed above Utility bench sold separately Some assembly required

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