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About FitDaily.Com

FitDaily is your daily fitness coach. While a website is no substitute for a good personal trainer, it can at least provide a starting point. We can’t spot you on the weight bench and we can’t observe or correct your exercise technique but we can keep you motivated and give you all the information you need to get in shape, exercise properly and safely, and stay healthy.

FitDaily is targeted to those with little exercise experience, but those with more experience can customize the intensity of each workout and the resistance used. We anticipate adding multiple levels of workouts in the near future for those who need a more challenging workout.

All we ask is that you visit the site on a daily basis and make your best effort to complete each routine. You may need to customize it for your fitness level and situation. The weather may not let you get outside that day, or you might not yet have a necessary piece of equipment. But don't let that stop you. We try to provide alternatives, and when those aren't available, you'll need to use a little bit of your own innovation.

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Why FitDaily.Com?

The body responds best to exercise routines that are anything but routine. If you repeat the same exercise pattern your body will adapt to that expected pattern. Depending on what that routine includes, your body may become more or less flexible in areas and is likely to become stronger. However the body’s adaptations are the minimum required to improve at your routine and are unlikely to carry over into other activities.

The solution is to constantly change your exercise patterns, forcing your body to respond to new challenges on a daily basis. That is part of what helps you do. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have a set schedule or a routine exercise time, it merely means that by doing the same workout each day or set of workouts each week, you are not doing as much as you could for your body with the time you are using.

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to follow the workout exactly. In most cases we try to provide alternatives for those lacking specific pieces of equipment or lacking the experience to try certain advanced exercises. There is no way we can properly guess how many reps you should do, or how much resistance you should use. So remember that everything you see is simply a guide. Using our progress tracking you can create your metrics and measure your own performance and improvement. If any exercise makes you uncomfortable or you feel there is too much risk for injury, then don’t do it. Substitute a similar exercise with which you are comfortable.

What's with all the advertisements?

FitDaily provides many of our services for free, and therefore requires the support of advertisers to keep these services free to our readers. Many of our advertisers our trusted partners that provide reliable products and services. Our key advertisers include Purity Products,, Tony Robbins, and Boxflex, as well as and Google. While we do not specifically endorse products or services we have first hand experience with all of these companies and believe they can do an outstanding job for you.

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