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FitDaily Disclaimers & Legal Information

Use of this site requires agreement and compliance with all FitDaily policies and disclaimers.

Use of Fitness Programs

This site does not offer or convey any medical advice, nor does it prescribe or endorse any particular workout or fitness program. Because this is a public web site available to anyone on the Internet, this site does not provide comprehensive, individualized fitness advice or instruction, and should not be substituted for physical therapy or other rehabilitation programs. Nothing contained in this Web Site should be construed as medical advice or a medical diagnosis. Nor should any information on this site be interpreted as a substitute for physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Always consult a physician before starting any new fitness program! As with any exercise program, there is a chance of injury.

The risk of injury from participation in a fitness program and/or from the performance of any exercise is significant, including the potential for catastrophic injury or death. You should and must consult a medical professional before undertaking any fitness or exercise program, including any exercises or techniques set forth or described on this web site. The text, pictures, and descriptions set forth in this web site are for educational purposes only and do NOT advise that you or any other particular web site user undertake or perform any particular technique or exercise. You agree that you will not undertake or perform any exercise or technique described in this web site until and unless you consult with and are cleared by a medical doctor in relation to such participation.

The Web Site is not intended for use by minors, pregnant women, or individuals with any type of health condition. Those with pre-existing conditions, such as heart problems, hypertension, osteoporosis, diabetes, or hernia, and also those who are of advanced age, extremely obese, smokers, or those who had recent surgery or a history of injuries may have an elevated risk of injury during training. As are all users, such individuals are specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any form of sports training, physical training, or exercise program.

Copyrights & Trademarks

FitDaily.Com, the FitDaily Logo, Daily Motivation for a Fit Lifestyle, FitDaily Fast Fifteen, and Fitness Success Audio Coaching are trademarks or service marks of Mims Innovations, Inc.

The entire FitDaily web site and all content is the exclusive property of its owner Mims Innovations, Inc. and is protected by international copyright law. Use of any photos, logos, drawings, programs, instructions, or any other content without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.

Acceptable Use

As a condition of your access to this site, you the user agree to be bound by and conform to our acceptable use policy. All users, including visitors and registered members, must agree to abide by all of the legal policies on this site in order to be granted access to the site or its content.

All users acknowledge and agree to uphold the copyright and trademark rights of the owners of all content published on this site. The user shall not publish, redistribute, or copy this information in any manner, including by electronic means on another web site. Further, the user shall not link individual images on this site. If you wish to provide a link to an exercise, please link the entire page with the exercise, showing the site logo.

As a further condition of use, the user hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold forever harmless FitDaily.Com and its parent company Mims Innovations, Inc., as well as all partners, service providers, contractors, officers, assigns, agents, directors, and employees associated with this site from any and all liability, including injury or death, that may result from the use or misuse of this web site or any of its content, dissemination of any private data, and any malfunction of this product or negligence in its creation, operation, or use. In jurisdictions that prohibit such indemnification the user agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold forever harmless FitDaily.Com and Mims Innovations and its affiliated partners, service providers, contractors, officers, assigns, agents, directors, and employees to the fullest extent of applicable law.

It is understood and agreed that FitDaily.Com and Mims Innovations, Inc. make no warranties about the products and services offered on this site, and that this information has not been reviewed or regulated by any government agency. Further, makes no guarantees about the availability or performance of this web site or any associated products. It is the user's responsibility to obtain and use Internet access to utilize this web site.

Use of the Web Site or the corresponding Services for any use or reason other than the intended and permissible uses described or implied herein is expressly prohibited. Any such misuse may constitute violation of state and federal civil and criminal laws and may result in civil and/or criminal prosecution.

Furthermore, without limiting other remedies, FitDaily.Com may immediately issue a warning and/or temporarily or indefinitely suspend or terminate your privilege to use and access the Web Site if you: (1) breach this Acceptable Use Policy; and/or (2) take actions that we believe may result in legal liability for you, for FitDaily.Com, or for other Web Site users.

User acknowledges and agrees that this policy may change from time to time. The user agrees to be bound by the current policy in effect at the time of use, or to discontinue use immediately. It is the responsibility of the user to know and abide by the current legal policies of this site.

Privacy Policy

This site does collect information from users. That information includes personal information, contact information, and fitness performance data. FitDaily.Com agrees to maintain your privacy with regard to this information. Should performance data be used in a study or other similar manner, all names and contact information will be stripped out prior to dissemination to protect the privacy of our users. Further, FitDaily.Com makes efforts to protect the security of this web site and all information contained. However, FitDaily.Com cannot guarantee the security of this information, and makes no warranties regarding the safety of information submitted through the Internet to this site or any other.